Green Prescriptions:

Their origins

Our vision for Green Prescriptions

The terminology 'Green Prescriptions' may or may not be new to you.

The term originated in New Zealand upon the recognition that access to the great outdoors significantly benefitted individuals who approached their G.P's with stress related illness. 

Often requiring excessive time off sick from work and being prescribed medication. Practioners sought to offer a slightly different solution.

The long-term economic cost to business through stress related sick time was proving to be a huge financial burden within all fields of employment and the prescribing of expensive medications compounded the need to find a different way to cope with this increasing problem in todays world.

The over-arching aim of Wessex Wilderness Skills CIC is to have the terminology of Green Prescriptions and it's actual application known and utilized throughout all walks of life. Primarily within the G.P surgeries, this is the initial front line contact for stress related problems and indeed physical issues where weight loss may be necessary.

Scotland has adopted the Green Prescriptions for it's recognised theraputic value and so we too are blazing the way to bring this service to the South of England where hopefully it may permiate to all areas of the UK and Ireland

The 'Green Prescription' is open to any one who wishes to use this service as a method of stress reduction and physical/mental well-being, through a referral system from a recognised professional body,

Courses can also be delivered as a stand- alone half day or full day (tailored to your own needs and time available).

We are accessing statutory orginisations, charities, clubs, medical and mental health services to signpost their  clients/patients/service users to us via the Green Prescriptions.

We believe the beneficial value of this service will assist in aiding the recovery of any person suffering with stress related issues, mental/physical difficulties and social and domestic problems through self- awareness and an attainment of goal setting and achievement, in an environment that enhances peace and recentering.

Where we are able we will try to provide either subsidised or free places.

We have been fortunate enough to be the lucky recipients of Lottery Community Grant Funding, this will assist us in the delivery of our services for the benefit of the community in provision of equipment and start-up running costs of the CIC.

It's very exciting!

We cannot thank the Lottery enough for this assistance.

Please contact me for more information on places, prices and the referral form